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What our Clients say:

I would like to take this opportunity and express my gratitude for the help I have received from MaxLaw and extend a thank you to each of you particularly Neo.

When I joined MaxLaw the only desire I had was to have the Debt review flag removed under my name and I can happily confirm that it has been done.

@Neo I know I must have been one of the demanding if not the most of your clients but thank you for all your help through this process, your hard work, commitment and patience has finally paid off.

Please continue to assist us for many more years to come, I wish each and everyone of you all the best of luck in everything you do.

Thank you all again and will definitely recommend MaxLaw and use it for any legal issues from my end.

Sithembiso Masuku, Happy Client

You are a God sent angel. I am so happy you’ve changed my life for the better. God bless you. Truly I never thought I’ll ever have financial freedom. Ausi Pertu, I don’t know how to thank you. I am not there yet but I see it happening.

Tshepiso Lephoto, Happy Client

Debt Restructuring

There are alternative debt resolution options other than Debt Counselling, Administration Order and Sequestration to get out of your debt spiral.

Whether you are already under Administration or Debt Counselling – or just considering it as your final solution – MaxLaw™ Legal has a customized and alternative debt resolution solution that will assist to you get out of the debt spiral faster.

Here are the MaxLaw™ Legal basic service solutions for those already under Debt Review:

Debt Review Assessment:

The aim of this service is to determine your level of indebtedness and after a proper analysis, a qualified MaxLaw™ Legal consultant will be able to advise you if it will be beneficial to exit the Debt Review process.

Our qualified consultants will also draw up a budget that will indicate your income vs your expenses. This will give MaxLaw™ Legal a clear indication what you can really afford in line with what you are currently spending on debt repayments and legal action enforcement debt obligations.

The MaxLaw™ Legal consultant will explain the processes, terms and repercussions as well as the benefits of alternative debt resolution options to you. Your knowledge about your options will empower you to make informed decisions.

Cancellation of the Debt Review, Restructuring and Debt Counselling process

A qualified and knowledgeable MaxLaw™ Legal Attorney will act on behalf of the over-indebted consumer by completing the paperwork and following the correct procedure to cancel the debt review process; protect the consumer.

Debt repayment installment negotiation and restructuring process

The MaxLaw™ Legal attorney will also inform all the credit providers whose debt repayments are included in the Debt Restructuring order of your intent and negotiate new repayment amounts with these credit providers that are affordable to you.

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The above solutions are available as standalone or in any combination depending on your business needs. To summarize, we consult across:
▪ Debt Restructuring
▪ Credit Evaluation
▪ General Legal Services
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